Improve Health &
Well Being

Reduce stress, improve quality of sleep, increase vitality and slow age related brain loss. Meditation is also able to assist with pain, anxiety, depression and grief, as well as supporting the body’s immune system. 


Disengage for a moment from the mental chatter and become more aware of other aspects of your immediate experience, here and now.  This can enhance performance, memory, decision making and creativity.  


Develop self awareness, tolerance and  compassion for self and others.   A wonderful way to support the inner journey of counselling and psychotherapy, and allowing emotions to arise during the healing process.

Meditation & Mindfulness can benefit everyone

At Breathe123, we take a simple approach to meditation and mindfulness, with the hope of making it accessible to people from all walks of life, backgrounds, cultures and levels of experience.

Many of us feel we are caught in a "busy trap" losing touch with who and what matters most to us. We may be burdened by anxiety and/or overthinking; unable to focus on one task; ruminating and reliving the past or living for a future in which we will finally be happy.

We invite you to try for yourself, the experience of meditation and mindfulness, where you may begin to find some peace and contentment, a break from the attachment to the constant mental chatter, and perhaps even a sense of wonder and joy as you rediscover how to just be.

kids laughing meditating
corporate mediation on grass

Find time to breathe

We are a Melbourne-based practice teaching meditation and mindfulness, 1-on-1, and in groups. Our sessions can be tailored for families, schools, sporting or other groups, corporate teams and individuals. To learn more or to book an appointment, get in touch with us today.