The word Meditation often conjures up all types of stereotyped images, and there is a lot of confusion and misconception surrounding what Meditation actually is.

Meditation encompasses a range of practices that are designed to cultivate a state of mind which is calm, concentrated and absorbed in the present moment. In the past, it's been affiliated with images of the Buddha sitting beneath the Bodhi Tree, or groups of spiritual seekers seeking enlightenment, but today meditation is appearing in unexpected mainstream places of our society.

From children learning mindfulness in primary school; to athletes sharpening their focus; corporate employees sitting in on seminars to improve performance; to tradies and housewives in Stress Reduction Programs...the reach is broad because the simple fact is that we can all benefit from meditation.

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If you don’t yet have a daily meditation routine established, it only takes 5-10 minutes a day to start. Once you have that habit, you can build on it. It’s establishing the routine that matters and you can increase the length of time as you go.


Mindfulness is the ability to put one's mind in a state of awareness and focus. The skill is easy to learn and apply to everyday life. Those who practice mindfulness find it easier to create balance, connect with others, manage stress and control emotions.

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Mindfulness can be practised whilst waiting in traffic; in a queue at the coffee shop; whilst walking the dog; watching kids play sport; performing sport; in the middle of an exam; in the midst of conflict with others; anywhere, any time.  The benefits can be immediate.

Enjoy a calmer life

Techniques can be learnt in individual or group settings.  Reach out to find out more or to book in a session with one of our qualified teachers.