Did you know…… Benefits that can be achieved from the regular practice of meditation:

  1. Increase Immune Function
  2. Decrease Pain and/or Enhance Pain Tolerance
  3. Decrease Inflammation
  4. Increase Positive Emotion
  5. Decrease Depression
  6. Decrease Anxiety
  7. Decrease Stress
  8. Increase Social Connection and Emotional Intelligence
  9. Increase Compassion
  10. Decrease Loneliness
  11. Improve Ability to Regulate Emotions
  12. Improve Ability for Introspection
  13. Increase Grey Matter In Your Brain
  14. Increase Volume In the Areas of Your Brain Related to Emotion Regulation, positive Emotions and Self-Control
  15. Increase Ability to Pay Attention (By Actually Increasing Cortical Thickness in Related Areas of Your Brain)
  16. Increase Focus & Attention
  17. Improve Ability to Multitask
  18. Improve Memory
  19. Enhance Creativity and the Ability to Think Outside the Box
  20. Increase Wisdom

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