What Does Meditation Mean To You?

We asked a group of Meditation teachers and students, "What does meditation mean to you?".

Here are some of the responses:


"Meditation has completely changed my life. It helps me to access the stillness that is always there, always present. Meditating daily keeps me balanced, calm and focused."

Elizabeth J


"Meditation has given me my life back. It has lifted me from severe depression and allows me to experience the full joy and magic of life. It has taught me so much about myself and given me a strength to live my dreams."

Leah L


"Meditation gives me permission to create space personally and to be able to give to others."

Mary C


"Meditation for me feels like coming home.😍💓"

Stacey A


"Meditation provides a pathway for me to connect to my true self and the world around me in a way I had never imagined. Bringing attention and focus to the present has opened my heart and allowed in the wonder that is this life."

John D


"Meditation grounds me in my body whilst connecting me to a sense of something greater, that I can rarely find words for 💓 but ... it feels like coming home 💓"

Stacey E


"Meditation gives me space to become lovingly aware of my true self, allows me to make friends with the constant changing nature of things and connect with an infinite source of love. Meditation awakens me out of my sleep and I am one with my spirit and with the universe."

Jacqui M


"(Straight off the top of my head...or this could take a while!) Meditation allows me to draw back the curtain and really become aware of the coming and going of my mind. It allows me to view, rather than be controlled by, the flow of my thoughts and emotions, to recognise the truth of what is happening in the grey matter, to see and accept all I am, good and bad, and allow me to choose to respond from the "better angel of my nature". With meditation I am able to recognise the craziness of my mind, which helps me to develop a much greater sense of compassion for all the others moving through their lives trying to be (as I am) the best imperfect version of themselves they are able to be."

Wayne S


"Meditation helped me to bring back the balance into my life. It empowered me to shut down the endless mind chatter and replace it with a sense of calm and clarity. ❤️✨"

Natasha Berri 


"Meditation is like watching a feather slowly, silently and elegantly fall to the ground. It's stillness in action and action in stillness. It's the vehicle to travel on the inside, which is the greatest adventure! It's the vehicle I choose to use to listen to my Soul and to God. It's the one place I can be certain of my reality. It's the clearing in my mind, a space of expanded freedom, my inner retreat where I can replenish my energy and my senses; the wellspring of pure joy and bliss."

Vickie V

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